Ant Build Files
Hello World Ant tutorial on targets, target depends and the echo task.
Hello World in Java Ant tutorial on the javac, java and java tasks.
Using Ant Properties Ant tutorial on the use of properties to specify work directories.
Using JUnit part 1 Ant tutorial showing a trival junit task example with an explicit java classpath
Using JUnit part 2 Ant tutorial showing control of JUnit exit status with multiple test cases.
Conditional Execution Ant tutorial showing the conditional execution of targets. Includes the use of JUnit test status to optionally execute targets.
Setting Ant Properties Ant tutorial on setting properties. Introduces the available and condition tasks.
Java System Properties Demonstration of the sysproperty attribute of the java task.
Modifying Property Files Ant tutorial on modifying values in a property file with the propertyfile task.
An Executable Jar Ant tutorial on using manifest attributes to build an executable jar file.
Web Services
Java Message Client Simple message-style web service client in Java.
Apache TCPMon Invoking a web service with Apache TCPMon.
Examining your Java Application with a Debugging Proxy Observe the network behavior of a Java Application with a debugging proxy
So you want to learn Hibernate A simple [and useless] console application using Hibernate.
Controlling Hibernate output with Log4J A still simple [and useless] console application with Hibernate and Log4J. A property is uesed to direct hibernate log output to either System.out of a log file.
A Persistent Collection with Hibernate Simple application to create and retrieve a persistent collection
Hibernate Prototyping with the BeanShell Using the BeanShell to interact with Hibernate.
Adding a Hibern8IDE browser The Hibern8IDE is an interactive HQL tool. And an easy way to view your persistent data store.
Cascading actions from Parent to Child A set of BeanShell sessions demonstrating the behavior of a many-to-many relationship for different values of the cascade attribute.
Getting Started with OpenEJB The OpenEJB Hello World example with an ant build file.
A Simple Entity Bean with OpenEJB A simple entity bean with HSqlDB, a custom Home query method and an Ant build file.