Customer Loyalty is All About Me

If you want my loyalty as a customer, then you have to make our relationship about me. The way that Purple Feet Wines & Spirits has made our relationship about me [and my partner]. Over the past three or four years, Marco Crettol has learned our tastes in wine and can be relied upon for a good recommendation. There are other wine stores closer and perhaps cheaper, but Purple Feet has my wine business as long as Marco understands our tastes and maintains reasonable prices.

My local pet store conglomerate doesn’t really have the right stuff for my customer loyalty. They try, with in-store grooming, training and veterinary care. But I started shopping there to purchase Nature’s Miracle for my duties as CSI, Connecticut. And while I’m loyal to the brands that they sell, they’re just a place where I buy those brands. If they fail to stock the brands I need, when I need them; then I’m out the door. Fortunately for both of us, they’re doing a better job with inventory now.