iTunes Genius is Brilliant

Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

Thomas Edison

I’m not sure about the ingredients, but I’m sure iTunes Genius is brilliant.


My need for music is closely tied to length of my commute. And the soundtrack of my current 10 minute commute is sports talk radio combined with obsessive repeats of my favorite track of whatever CD is loaded in the player.

Make that past-tense. The soundtrack of my commute was sport talk radio combined with obsessive repeats. Because I’ve discovered how easy it is to make and burn a Genius playlist to CD. And now the soundtrack of my commute comes courtesy of iTunes Genius.

  1. Select a song in iTunes.
  2. Click on the Genius button in the lower right.
  3. Modify tracks as needed (delete for an audio CD, or increase for a MP3 CD).
  4. Click on the “Save Playlist” button on the upper right.
  5. Find the Playlist (named for the original song), right-click and “Burn Playlist to Disc”
  6. Enjoy