Self-Assured or Pig-Headed

If you are reading this, then you are probably pretty smart. You are accustomed to being right. And you have a certain amount of self-assuredness about it. Like me.

Much of that came from being a big fish in a small pond. Things change when you frequent bigger ponds. Requiring a different reaction to other self-assured people with contrary positions.

Sometimes it just doesn’t matter. Like the misguided colleague who didn’t know that Dr. Dunkenstein was Darrell Griffith.

Sometimes it is someone you are not likely to ever see again. Just let it go.

But sometimes, they are making decisions that affect you. You need to consider the possibility that they are right. Back off and double check your position. You will usually be right. Sometimes you will be wrong. Try to acknowledge when you are wrong.

Self-assured is taking a stand. Pig-headed is refusing to consider the alternatives.

PS. Every time you say “Everybody knows”, you take a step to pig-headedness.

PPS. Still working on acknowledging when I’m w***g.