Interesting Research from Google Village

A few days ago, Dr. Jenkins took at look at the use of the verb google in Can Google Expunge the Verb. Jenkins concluded that wordspy’s definition was wrong because the common usage of the verb google implied the use of Google™ Search. This matches my own personal observation, and I’m glad to see a more rigorous analysis back it up.

Yesterday, Jenkins observes that Google™ may have moved too late in Kill Spontaneity or Risk Trademark Abuse. I think that it has acted in time. Yes, the googleword genie has escaped from the bottle. However, Google™ is still in the game as long as the googlewords pay it homage. For example, the googlewhack rules require Google™ Search.

The biggest risk comes from those who feel Google™ is over-reacting. I believe that it has earned enough good will to persuade people to help them protect their trademark. But that requires people to believe that the trademark needs protection. Jenkins believes in that need and is relinquishing the Google Village name.