Marginalization of Film

Scoble posts about the impending end of film. More precisely, digital photography is rapidly marginalizing film, shrinking the areas where film makes sense. Just as analog audio survived the CD, I expect film to survive the digital camera. But with the marginalization comes an end to film’s research and development budget. Ten years ago, the film industry could afford to develop and promote the new APS format. I suspect that APS will be the film industry’s last, big thing.

Digital cameras are a better solution for the hoi polloi. The easiest way to take better pictures is to simply take a whole lot more. Even if your skill level remains constant, taking five times as many photos will increase your odds of shooting a keeper by a factor of five. And while I’ve never found the time to assemble a traditional photo album, I find it’s easy to assemble a digital photo album.

I suspect that some professionals and many artists will stick with film. The best film photos will be superior to the best digital photos for some time to come. And they’ll blow them up to much bigger sizes.