AT&T <strike>Worth</strike> Wireless Revisited

It seems that AT&T WorthWireless really does have the worst customer service. My partner is a plum cellular customer – international business trips rack up impressive roaming charges. But their customer service [or lack there of] is on the verge of driving us away.

For a technology company, AT&T WorthWireless lives in the dark ages. Most modern companies prefer electronic payments. But AT&T needs a paper check. Ok, “electronic checking” can do that too. But AT&T needs to see their remittance slip to properly credit our account. Ok, we can mail a personal check with their remittance slip in their envelope. But AT&T can’t find that either.

So far, AT&T WorthWireless has managed to double bill us for months, misplace more than three “electronic checking” payments, and now misplace our personal check with remittance slip. They’ve managed to interrupt business meetings in France and Singapore to request immediate payment. And they’re just about to lose a customer.