Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5

Thanks to Tivo and Netflix, I’m enjoying a repeat viewing of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5. In the beginning, I thought Deep Space Nine was the better show. And as Babylon 5 picked up steam, it became my favorite. Now, I’d split hairs and say that Babylon 5 is the better series and Deep Space Nine is the better TV show.

The entirety of Babylon 5 fits together like a puzzle. Each show provided several new puzzle pieces and each season swept out a new swath in the story arc. But it’s a series in which it is important to view the shows in sequence as the stories build upon themes that were laid down before. Deep Space Nine is more show than series. It had the season spanning war with the Dominion, but most episodes require no particular place in the time line.

I recommend both. But try to watch Babylon 5 in sequence, it’s meant to be viewed that way.