Leaving Radio Userland?

Allan Karl thinks that the limitations of Radio are becoming more and more apparent. I’ve been there myself and here are some of my thoughts:

Is your problem with Radio Userland or the Userland servers? I agree that Radio Userland has lain fallow. If Radio doesn’t provide capability that you need, then a move may be in order. But if you’re only having upstream problems, then alternate hosting service may solve your problems.

Radio has been quite solid for me on my hosted service. Of course, it would be even better if Radio supported sftp uploads (Steve Kirks, are you listening?). And depending on the comment server upgrade in the upcoming release, you may want to take a look at my Standalone Trackback and Comment Package.

Drop me a line if you’re interested in TextPattern. I’m currently exploring a potential move to TextPattern. I can import your old posts into TextPattern and I can provide a test site for experimentation. For that matter, I can probably put up a test site for WordPress as well.

However, I must say that the more I explore TextPattern, the more I appreciate Radio Userland. There’s a ton of capability tucked inside. You just have to tease it out. And it’s still my favorite aggregator.

Consider TextDrive for your hosting needs. A new company, but solid as a rock so far (knock on wood). And you can manage your weblog via https. Disclaimer: I receive hosting for the life of TextDrive and have an interest in its continued success.