My Love-Hate Relationship with Amazon

Amazon - the store that I love, the store that I hate. I’ve been an Amazon customer from the very beginning. I love the selection, the ease of use, the availability of reviews, and the prices are sweet to boot. But it’s foundations are built upon software. And once you stray from it’s designed operating conditions, things start to fall apart.

Because then it’s time for Amazon customer service to step up to the plate. And they consistently let me down. The latest episode played out over the weekend. I tried to buy a bluetooth head set; one that was eligible for Super Saving Shipping, but not eligible for Amazon Prime. I’m in no hurry to get my head set, so I decided that I wanted Super Saver Shipping. But I wasn’t offered the option.

My first email to Amazon customer support was answered by the computer - a canned answer telling me that not everything that is eligible for Super Saver Shipping that is eligible for Amazon Prime. Tell me something I don’t know.

My second email was answered by Clinton W. He very helpfully informed me that I get 2nd day shipping for free with my Amazon Prime. Still trying to learn something I don’t already know.

My third email was answered by Jamie M. Who informed me that the head set was not eligible for Super Saver Shipping because it was offered by an Amazon Merchant, not Amazon. Whoops, the head set went out of stock while we were trading email. And the merchant price was an extra 12 dollars.

My fourth email was answered by Eric L. Who finally researched my original question and informed me that Super Saver Shipping is not available to Prime members. He also wondered why I would want to wait for Super Saver Shipping when I got 2 day shipping for free. Does anyone actually read these messages before responding?

At this point, I’m ready to concede defeat and start researching other bluetooth head sets. Score - my head set is back in stock (albeit a couple dollars more). I create a new Amazon account, one that isn’t linked to Prime, and finally get my Super Saver Shipping.

Final score: Amazon 1 - Dwight 0. I finally got my Super Saver Shipping. But the price increase wiped out my shipping savings. And it’s going to take an extra week to boot.

Sometimes, you just can’t win.