Cingular Customer Service Comes Through

J.D. Power may rank Cingular customer service second from the bottom, but they’re coming through for me. I’m trying to port my Manhattan cell phone number (kept when I moved to Connecticut) from Sprint PCS to Cingular.

Moving to Cingular puts me on the same provider as my partner and I scored a pretty sweet Dads and Grads price on a Motorola Razr from BestBuy. Unfortunately, is convinced that Manhattan numbers and Connecticut billing don’t mix.

I knew better than to argue with a computer, so I cruised over to my local Cingular store to talk to a human. Jessica ran up against the same road block and called number portability to sort things out. Changing the billing address to Manhattan didn’t help, so Jessica promised to do some more research and get back to me.

Well, she called back this afternoon. It seems that I need to relocate my number to Manhattan first and then port my old number over. The toll free relocation number provided more great service and a new Manhattan SIM card speeding its way here.

Just a Fedex delivery and a phone call away from having my old number on my new phone.

28 June: Cell Number Port Complete