Dear Howard Schultz

  1. I’m addicted to caffeine. I’m not willing to give up coffee, so I get by with decaf.
  2. I’m a bit overweight. Just like most of my fellow americans.
  3. I like a cold drink in the summer.

Which adds up to: I want a decaf light frappuccino. I’ve always wanted a decaf light frappuccino. And for a brief period, my local Starbucks cafe offered a decaf light frappuccino.

Imagine that, a business recognizing a customer desire, realizing that they have all necessary materials on hand, and satisfying that desire.

Or more accurately, satisfying that desire for a few months until Starbucks corporate noticed that they were making an illegal drink and ordered them to stop making decaf light frappuccinos. I’m a little confused by the logic involved. Customers want the drink. Local cafe is willing to make the drink. And this is wrong, because …?