Change, Change, Change

Big changes here at Take the First Step:

  1. I turned off comments and trackbacks
  2. I relocated from the blog sub-domain to the home domain
  3. I made the move to TextPattern

I remember my excitement when Radio Userland added support for trackback. But the spam to content ratio was approaching infinity here at Take the First Step. And I really have better things to do than add rules to ban free web hosts.

Once upon a time, I actually thought that my weblog might be a sideshow to the main event here at Well, that’s not going to happen - it’s time to recognize that Take the First Step is the main event around here.

And I finally made the move to TextPattern. The old RSS feed should be redirecting to the new location, but I recommend that you try the atom feed - TextPattern’s RSS is back at version 0.92.