Lessons from the British Open

There were some nice lessons to be learned from Tiger’s British Open victory:

  1. The power of a plan: We’ve all heard the aphorism Drive for show, putt for dough. Tiger Woods lived it on the big stage, putting his driver back in the bag and switching to a controlled game off the tee. The result was a British Open victory for his 11th major.
  2. Don’t scrap the plan when the execution is to blame: Tiger kept to the plan after a 3rd round that opened the door for his competitors. He understood that it was the trio of 3 putts on the inward nine that was to blame, not the plan.
  3. The advantage of being the leader: Tiger is 11 of 11 in the majors when leading after the third round. Playing in the last group, Tiger can play within himself. His competition knows that they have to go out and beat him, that he isn’t going to beat himself. More often than not, they’re not up to the challenge.
  4. Cover your challenger’s move: When Chris DiMarco made a charge with a final round of 68, Tiger responded with 3 straight birdies to relegate DiMarco to a gallant runner up.