Product Manager

SourceGear is looking for a Product Manager. Eric suggests that an experienced developer might be interested if:

You love to develop software, but you want to consider a broader range of opportunities. Maybe you’re looking up the corporate ladder and noticing that all the rungs above you require some business savvy. Maybe you want to be an entrepreneur.

Since my geographic handicap (CT not IL) takes me out of the running, let me add my 2 cents.

You love writing software because it is one of the ultimate expressions of creativity. You start with an idea, you shape it into a usable form and you bring it to life. You’ve been working your way up to higher levels of abstraction for most of your career. Each step up the abstraction tree increased your leverage and let you create something bigger.

Product Manager is the next step. Your vision will determine what problems your product will address and how users should address them. You’ll miss writing code and you’ll be frustrated with the fickle variability of the market. But you will forget all that as your vision to life with each release.