From Florida and Only Florida

Brand loyalty is a finicky thing - strong enough to guide purchases over years and weak enough to evaporate in a flash. We had always been a Tropicana family, recently fending off a brief incursion of Simply Orange at the hands of a visiting nephew.

The brand is what gives the product its authenticity and credibility. The brand includes everything from the name, the look, the logo, the color and the package.

When you change the look of the packaging, you lose some of the power of the brand in the mind. It no longer looks authentic. And worse, consumers think you have also changed the contents.

We weren’t outraged by the change in packaging. We bought some of the new containers. But with the change we took a closer look at the package … and discovered that Tropicana includes oranges from Brazil.

All things being equal, we try to support local business. Which is why we’re now drinking Florida’s Natural - “From Florida and Only Florida”.