Decisions, Decisions

Thanks to Tivo, I’ve started watching Classic Albums. And after watching the show on Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, I felt the urge to pick up some classic Elton John.

Back in the day, I had allowed myself to be deluded into thinking that songs should be kept in the context of their original albums. That delusion faded about the time it became trivially easy to cherry pick the best tracks off a CD.

Unfortunately, that leaves me the problem of selecting a version. The iTunes music store has about 10 versions of Rocket Man, 10 versions of Daniel, and 5 versions of Levon. It’s pretty safe to rule out any non plus versions, but that doesn’t really make a dent in numbers.

The last, lingering traces of my old delusions bias me towards songs off the original album. The technologist in me wants to look into remastered versions. And the procrastinator in me says maybe next week.