Farewell Faithful Steed

After 16 years of service, it is time to say good bye to my 1995 Infiniti G20.

I had been debating between the Mazda 626, Acura Integra, and Infiniti G20 for a while. And I made my move when when the Hendrick Auto Group ran an ad for a white 5-speed G20 in the Sunday Chronicle.

My G20 carried me on a painful commute from the San Ramon Valley to Silicon Valley for several years until I couldn’t endure it any more. It waited patiently in my CA garage for the year or two that I spent in Manhattan. And it rejoined me in Connecticut when I shifted stakes from CA to CT for good.

Sixteen years is a good run for a car. And it still runs great. But my wife upgraded her car and I’m upgrading to her 2005 Subaru. At least I’ll still get to see the G20 when the new owner (a colleague at work) brings it to the office.