Google Domains

I’ve been a most happy GoDaddy customer for over 10 years. But Google Domains offered more (free private registration) for less ($3-$5 per domain). My beta invite arrived last week and I started moving my domains.

My experience with Google Domains has been mostly good. I submitted 3 support emails and received responses in a couple of hours. I didn’t get the answers that I was hoping for, but I got my answers.

For the record, here’s what I was interested in:

Q: Are bare domains supported on Google Cloud Storage with Google Domains?

A: No …

I have no complaints with Amazon S3. But my Amazon bill has been about $0.70/month, with about $0.53/month for Route53 DNS hosting. I’m not going to move this site to Google Cloud Storage for $6.50/year, but support for bare domains might just put my next static site on Google Cloud rather than Amazon S3.

Q: How should I configure my MX records to use email forwarding with an external (Amazon Route53) DNS?

A: The email forwarding feature requires the use of the Google name servers.

I have to use Amazon name servers to support a bare domain name ( on Amazon S3. I use GoDaddy email forwarding on this domain by setting the MX records to the GoDaddy mail servers.

I need to move a bunch of account off the email addresses before I can transfer this domain.

Q: Can Google Domains forward a email address to multiple email addresses.

A: No …

My email issues are pretty small change. And it is a beta after all. But if Google wants to be a best of breed service, then they’ll need to up their game.