Lead by Example

True leaders lead by example. Unfortunately, right now too many people in authority are poster boys for do as I say, not as I do. All leaders should be held to a higher standard.

It’s all fine and well to work for reform from within. But it is also important to know when you’re tilting at windmills. Reform from within can succeed as long as the problem has not reached the top. Once the problem is ingrained at the top, it is time to reform from without.

Which is why you hold leaders to a higher standard. You want people to reform from within; it is less disruptive and it keeps the dirty laundry private. But people will walk once they lose faith in leadership.

Today’s examples are Brian Derwin and Pat Rodgers, who have resigned from the US Olympic Committee in the wake of the ethics committee investigation of USOC CEO Lloyd Ward. Both resigned rather than promote an ethics code to the membership that is not lived up to by the leadership.

Interestingly enough, USOC CEO Lloyd Ward is also a member of the all male Augusta National Golf Club. The USOC is “an organization whose ideals reflect gender equity, fair play, tolerance and inclusion.” Ideals somewhat in conflict with an all male golf club. Ward feels he can be more effective in promoting gender equity from within. Despite all evidence of the power and intransigence of Augusta Chairman Hootie Johnson to the contrary.