3 flee the USOC

The USOC loses three more ethics panel members and continues to implode.

At this point, I think that everyone besides the remaining members of the USOC executive committee agrees that CEO Lloyd Ward is guilty of an ethics violation. The question is: Where do they go from here?

While I had always felt it was an ethics violation, I didn’t feel that it was a major breech requiring Ward’s termination. And absent any further details, I still feel that way. Unfortunately, I don’t really see any other way out of this now.

Pure Speculation on my part, but I suspect that Lloyd Ward saw the USOC position as just another stepping stone in his career. In today’s post-Enron, post-Tyco, post-Worldcom world, he felt that he [and the USOC] couldn’t afford any ethical blemish and successfully politicked that result. Only to have it blow up in his face.

[22 January] The plot thickens.