Does proximity to the Augusta National Golf Club make you Stupid?

The City of Augusta has refused Martha Burk’s request to protest at the Augusta National front gate during the 3rd round of the Masters. And the ACLU has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court in Augusta in support of Burk. I don’t think Augusta understands that they need to keep a low profile when they’re taking a pig-headed stance.

Let’s review the situation in Augusta:

  • The story starts with a spectacular brain fart by Hootie Johnson. Ignoring Proverbs 15:1, Hootie publicly proclaims that Augusta National will not be forced to do anything “at the point of a bayonet.” This was apparently the first application of the “If I make my opponents really mad, then they’ll let me do whatever I want” method of conflict resolution.
  • Confident in the righteousness of their position, the Augusta National drops all sponsors for the 2003 Masters Golf Tournament.
  • The City of Augusta revises the law governing demonstration on public grounds. The vote splits along racial lines.
  • A splinter group of the KKK announces support of the Augusta National Golf Club membership policy.