March Sadness

So much for my good feeling. I must have missed the memo that none of the 4 seeds would make the second week of the men’s tournament and that none of the 3 seeds would make the second week of the women’s tournament.

The traditional achilles heel of the Stanford men is quickness. Not this time around, this time UConn came out in the second half and just out desired and out pushed Stanford. I don’t think that Stanford was prepared for the physicality of UConn. Still, all in all, it was a good year for the Stanford men. With Jacobsen and Borchardt leaving early for the NBA and Hernandez going down to injury, it had the potential to be a truly ugly year.

The Stanford women went into a funk at the end of the first half that continued through the start of the second. During that 10 minute span, Minnesota went on a 14-0 run. While Stanford did not go down for the count (first closing to one with about 8 minutes to play, and later closing to five with about 2%frac12 minutes to play), the hole was just too deep for them to climb out of. A disappointing loss on a home court and a disappointing end to a season.