Scoble Goes to Microsoft

Scoble swallows the red pill, and starts as a Microsoft .NET Evangelist in mid-May. Based on his weblog, it’s a job that suits him. I wish him luck in his new position.

Just for the record, I’m a Microsoft resenter. Odd, because I admire Microsoft in many ways. It is one of the great success stories of my lifetime. While perhaps not always a great innovator, it is superb at listening to the marketplace and refining it’s products to meet the market’s needs.

The problem is that Microsoft is such a fierce competitor that it has sucked the oxygen out of much of the software market. Scoble plans to keep track of users switching to and from Windows. I think he’d be better served by tracking the release of .NET applications and the conversion of .NET developers. I know that’s what I’ll be watching.