Is It The Shoes?

In one of the greatest ad campaigns of all time, Mars Blackmon asked Is it the Shoes? Of course, everyone knew that Michael Jordan playing in Chuck Taylors would still be great. So while it may have nothing to do with the tools, Scoble is being a little rough on management – it is not about control as much as it is about What’s in it for me?

So give management something that it wants. And lead with RSS – publish and subscribe sounds much less threatening than conversation.

  • Have a problem distributing information about application and server downtime and maintenance?
  • Is everyone asking about a problem at a critical customer site?
  • Does everyone want the latest on how the beta is coming along? These are tailormade for an RSS feed. Let it settle in for a while, then expand the scope from the internal to the trusted external, your partners and beta customers. And expand the internal scope from publish and subscribe to conversation, using weblogs in place of email for design discussions. Management will never know what hit them.