RSS Rocks

In case there was any doubt, I love RSS. It has changed the way that I interact with the internet. I didn’t understand RSS news aggregators until I actually started using one. And I only started using one because it was built into my weblog software Radio Userland. Now I don’t understand why everyone isn’t using one.

As the name implies, a news aggregator combines content from multiple sources and provides a consolidated view of what’s new. High volume sources typically distribute the headline with a short teaser hook, and a link back to the entire article. And low volume sites typically distribute the entire article. You browse high volume sites more efficiently because you only see the headlines with a teaser (and even those are loaded in the background). And you can follow more low volume sites because you aren’t constantly hitting them just to see if something is new.

Try one today.

[16 May] See Sharing Your Site with RSS.