What Might I Buy?

NewsGator, a RSS aggregator for outlook. The big problem with NewsGator is that it is on the wrong platform. I also wish that it would render HTML web pages in an application pane like sharpreader - I hate having my application focus jump around. It’s a contender because I can share RSS articles via my fastmail IMAP folders.

NetNewsWire, a RSS news reader for the Mac. Like NewsGator, I would like NetNewsWire to render HTML web pages in an application pane (awaiting the release of WebKit - Safari rendering and infrastructure). It also needs better support for saving the syndicated article to the notebook (this may also be awaiting the release of WebKit).

OmniGraffle, a charting and diagramming application for the Mac. I used this while helping a friend with some ER diagrams. A nice application, but I’m not making many diagrams at the moment.

iView Media, a asset management program for digital photos, music and videos. My collection of photos continues to grow and iView Media looks like a great solution. The only thing keeping me from downloading the trial is that I’m planning a DIY effort first.

Microsoft Entourage, an e-mail and personal information manager for the Mac. I’ve spent much too much time in Outlook on Windows. This would be especially attractive with a RSS plug-in.