The RSS Soundbite

Tim Bray is in sales mode and wants to know What’s the RSS Soundbite? My advice would be to load up NewsGator and pitch RSS as broadcast email. Email has already achieved pretty near universal acceptance in business. Many people consider their email archives to be their primary information storage vault - and the ones that don’t know people who do. So pitch RSS as broadcast email and don’t give the web a chance to confuse the issue.

My personal peeve with most RSS Aggregators lies in their inability to properly archive articles for later use. So while other aggregators may do a better job with the RSS, I think NewsGator is the clear cut winner for Outlook users. Greg is clearly biased, but I have to agree that when RSS news is as much a part of your day as email, you want them all integrated into a central information management point.

Now, if I someone would just step up to the plate for Mac OS/X.

9 June: I originally referred to both “pull email” and “broadcast email.” After some consideration, I think that broadcast email is the superior term and have modified the text to match.