That was a Surprise

Wow, Scripting News went dark and then lit back up before I was able to assemble my thoughts. I saw the news Sunday evening and decided to let it sink in before posting. I usually look forward to seeing Scripting News in my inbox every morning, but I wasn’t looking forward to it today. However, I was pleased to see that Dave was back.

Maybe he needed to hear some supportive voices. And maybe he needed to demonstrate to himself that he had some control over the situation and that he could walk away if that is what it took to make him happy. But I’m glad that he’s back.

I never really consided Scripting News to be a progenitor of this site - Take the First Step is different in tone and style. But it was years of reading the Scripting News via email that taught me what a weblog could be and do. And I’m sure that Take the First Step would not be here today if not for Dave. So thank you Dave. And Don’t let the Turkeys get you down.