Entry Drafts in Radio Userland

There are many great things about Radio Userland, but entry management probably isn’t one of them. Out of the box, Radio supports the concepts of post and publish. But while publish means just what you think, post is much more nebulous. In particular, post without publish ≠ draft.

If you really want drafts on Radio, then you need to finesse the system. Create a draft category within Radio; select render this category in HTML and clear notify weblogs.com on updates. To insure that nothing is ever streamed up to the server, create an #upstream.txt file in the work directory ([radio home]/www/categories/draft) containing:

<upstream type="none" version="1.0"></upstream>

To create a draft entry, clear the home page category and select the draft category. When you’re ready to publish, select the appropriate categories for the entry and publish. Of course, you could also use an client such as NetNewsWire to create drafts. What I like about the category approach is that you can visit the local draft rendition to see what it will really look like (modulo the Radio toolbar at the top).

This little trick also comes in handy when you’re creating a long entry like So you want to learn hibernate. I use emacs (my editor of my choice) to create and edit a file named work.txt in the draft directory. And I view the local rendition to see how it will look in the browser.