Broncos Hammer Raiders

As a long suffering Broncos fan, there is nothing better than a good thumping of the Raiders. The Broncos started with a dream 1st quarter – three offensive series yielding three touchdowns and three defensive series yielding only seven yards. And it was downhill from there in route to a 31-10 victory.

But I can’t get too excited yet. Yes the Broncos are 3-0, but all three victories have been over seriously flawed teams. And the Broncos seem a bit too enamored with Plummer’s running ability – a mobile quarterback is a great thing to keep in your hip pocket, but constant use is an invitation to injury.

You never want to look past your next opponent, but the Chiefs game is in two weeks. A win at Kansas City would put the Broncos in control of the AFC West. Unfortunately, it’s at the same time as the Giants game. Hmm, it may be time to find a sports bar.