Welcome to the new Digs

Ideoplex: from ideo for idea and plex for divided into a specified number of parts - making this my own little corner of the internet consciousness. When I decided to move my weblog to my own domain name, I was concerned whether all the good names would already be taken. But now that I’ve been through the process (knock on wood), I feel comfortable in saying that there are plenty of good names left out there. You just need to dig in and look for them.

Web hosting is provided by Page-Zone. Selecting a hosting service is not a pleasant process - there are umpteen providers with umpteen plans. And I didn’t find a satisfactory way to evaluate and compare providers. Page-Zone was responsive to my questions, provides a public forum where you can see what their current customers are saying, and was helpful when I had problems with the billing process. Which was good enough to win my business.