Just because you have a process doesn't mean that it's working

“The content of the Google directory is based on the Open Directory and is enhanced using Google’s own technology” – from the Google Directory (present at the bottom of every page that I’ve looked at). But just because there is a process to incorporate the Open Directory into the Google directory doesn’t mean that the process is working.

My Java Tutorials were added to the Open Directory’s Java Beginner’s Tutorials on May 23. Around that same time, a link was updated on the Open Directory page that is still out of date on the Google Directory’s corresponding Java Beginner’s Tutorials. And while the current page has no Page Rank, the old page on the Radio Community Server currently enjoys a Page Rank of 5.

So I’m glad that Dave’s raising a fuss about the Google directory of weblog tools. Because something isn’t working and its failure doesn’t reflect well on Google and the Google Directory.