No Tivo Here

Joining the Tivo meme, my problem with Tivo is the cost. Not for the hardware, but for the service. I really hate to take on the $12.95 per month subscription. And given the current rate of hardware obsolescence, does anyone really think $299 for the product lifetime is a good deal?

If you ask me, Tivo hasn’t figured out if they’re selling a product or a service and they’re going to be in trouble unless everyone figures it out. I’m willing to buy a PVR to get real time delay and replay. I’m not willing to buy into the service yet. But I might buy into a trial if my hardware didn’t turn into a pumpkin without it – or a recommendations service without a hardware buy. But jam the two together and I’m a balky buyer.

Scoble asks how do you get people to buy something they don’t know they need?. Start by letting them go back, rather than trying to lock them into a trunk.