Headless Mac

Dennis Sellers thinks it’s time for a headless Mac. Conventional wisdom says that the cost savings from removing the monitor from the iMac/eMac will lower the barrier to entry and increase market share. Color me sceptical, I think that most entry level buyers would add a new monitor to their purchase making it a wash.

I think the right market is the mid-market. I’d love to see the Mac version of the small form factor Shuttle PC. Something that fits between the iMac and the Power Mac. Small enough that it doesn’t take over the workspace. Easy to open up for a memory, hard disk, or graphics card upgrade. Leveraging an existing investment in a quality monitor. Potential for a third party CPU upgrade.

A machine like that might just find a place on professionals’ desks - along side Windows and Linux. They’re the influencers, the ones who recommend systems to other people.