No One Roots for Goliath

Micha Ghertner thinks Wal-Mart is hated for being so damn successful. I tend to think it’s sex discrimination and time shaving on top of their success. We tolerate behavior from small, scrappy, up and comers that we abhor from big established firms. So while we may have looked the other way while they were fighting their way to the top, we’re not going to tolerate it now that they’re at the top.

Their corporate disavowal of sex discrimination and time shaving just doesn’t ring true to me. Wal-Mart is known for it’s fair but harsh business practices – suppliers get one mistake, two and they’re held accountable. Something is amiss when major corporations run scared and individual store managers don’t. If corporate was sending a clear message to stop, then I think that it would stop.

[via the Carnival of the Capitalists, this week’s host: Clay Whittaker]