Fastmail Email Recommendation

With Gmail gathering all the press, I thought that I’d renew my recommendation for Fastmail email. The member account is a fabulous deal – a one time payment of $14.95 provides 16MB of storage and 80MB/month of bandwidth. Here are some of my favorite features.

I work from several computers. Having my personal email on Fastmail’s IMAP server provides me with common access from all of them, whether via an IMAP client or Fastmail’s web interface. If you’re concerned about security, then you can use IMAP over SSL or https for your entire web session.

Fastmail provides subdomain addressing in addition to rules for inbound mail sorting. If the primary email address is, then can also be used as an email address. And if anything happens to map to a folder name, then it will be automatically sent to that folder.

A great deal at $14.95 for life.