Leaving Money on the Table

Without knowing anything about the SixApart pricing discussons, I just bet that someone asked How much money are we leaving on the table? While this is a useful question to ask, it tends to produce vendor centric answers. And the answers often focus on what customers are doing rather than what they want to do.

Bloggers are optimistic on blogging. And while most of us may have a single weblog with a single author, many of us want to do more. So I’m going to break the rules and link to How are you using MoveableType even though I don’t use MoveableType. Because I think they should offer licenses for unlimited posting from a single author and unlimited authors at a single weblog. Appropriately priced, I think that they would be the most popular choices.

We choose weblog software to match our desires, not our reality. Lock us out of our dreams, and we’ll lock you out of our hearts.