Collection of Links or Link Blog?

Robert Scoble’s Link Blog is a work in progress. I think your level of satisfaction depends upon whether you see it as a collection of links or a link blog. I suspect that Scoble sees it more as a public collection of links, indexed by time and Google. James Robertson sees it as a link blog and a failure: too many items, with no way to tell if any are interesting. Personally, I’m inclined to agree with Robertson. The S/N isn’t worthy of a spot in my aggregator.

Kunal and Scoble are working around their constraints: legal, technical, and practical. I think that they could boost the signal to noise ratio by grouping related links together. Replace the single link folder with several topic folders. Rather than post immediately, create a post-dated draft and append related links to that post. That would provide a little more context to evaluate each entry. It would certainly make it easier to dismiss topics that we aren’t interested in.