Feedburner, Feed Recovery, and Feed Escrow

Good news, Feedburner got funding while I was on break. I love the concept, but I don’t see a way to back out once I’m in. Since the best way to eliminate objections to switching is to make it easy to switch back, I hope they consider adding feed recovery (redirects back to my feed upon leaving) and feed escrow (redirects back to my feed if Feedburner goes under) to their service.

Unfortunately, my concept of URL Escrow seems to have fallen on deaf ears. In it’s absence, I’d settle for a statement from a standup guy or gal that they have access to the domain name registration and funds to provide redirect services if Feedburner should suddenly disappear.

8pm: Via email, Dick Costolo suggests that I use temporary redirects. That would work for me, but doesn’t do much for TypePad and Radio Userland hosted weblogs. Plus, it just doesn’t feel right to use a long-term temporary redirect to get around the lack of feed escrow. But it’s good to know that the CEO is reading the feedback email.