Tivo Peeves

With about a month of Tivo Plus under my belt, here are my current pet peeves.

  1. Time: Time, especially late night TV time, is not absolute. So if I try to extend the recording time on a season pass by a minute, then please give me the option of delaying the start time on another season pass by that corresponding minute.
  2. Half a loaf is better than none: If a hour long show conflicts with a half hour show, then maybe I’d be okay with a season pass to the second half of the show. Especially if you record the full hour when appropriate.
  3. Wishlists: Pay more attention to ratings. We like Mysteries, but we don’t like Matlock or Murder She Wrote. So stop taping them already. Three thumbs down be enough to get rid of them.
  4. Space Remaining: It would be very nice to know when I’m running out of space. And to have a projection of when I would run out of space if I did not delete any recordings.