MasterMind Watch: Week 7

Bad week for the MasterMind. The Broncos lost to the Bengals on Monday night - a game which they were almost universally favored to win. I didn’t watch the entire game, but it seemed to me that the Bengals were better prepared for this game.

This was the game where the Broncos’ lack of a pass rush (six sacks in seven games) was exposed. The Broncos relied upon the blitz to pressure Carson Palmer and left Champ Bailey one on one with Chad Johnson - with Johnson the overall winner. Champ needs to earn his salary in those situations. But the Broncos also need to help him out by with better disguise of their defense.

This game also exposed the limits of the Broncos’ offense. The Broncos need to play their games from in front. The rush sets up the pass. And if the rush is not a threat, then the offense is in trouble. Jake Plummer isn’t steady enough to carry the team with the pass. And it was yet another off week for the receiving corps.

The Broncos are still in charge of the AFC West. But with the Chiefs regaining their offensive form, the MasterMind needs to make sure his team is ready from here on out.