A reader writes in and takes me to task for not commenting on the Big Game. Personally, I felt that my post, Go Bears, said more than enough. But since I’ve been asked …

Thanks to cable and FSNY, I was able to watch the Big Game at home. I was quite impressed by the Stanford defense. Stanford had no business being in this game, but trailed by only 10-3 at the half. But the Stanford defense tired, the Cal offense got untracked and the rout was on.

Unfortunately, tempers started to flare and the game became ugly. I’m sure that you can point fingers at either side. But I’d like to know why Tedford called for a halfback pass with the game in hand at 27-6 in the 4th. The TD on that play increased the lead to 34-6 and play seemed to get especially rough from then on.

But that’s water under the bridge. I’m hoping that Cal holds on to its BCS ranking and goes to the Rose Bowl. I may even root for them to win that game.