Let's Go Broncos

Not those Broncos, these Broncos - the Santa Clara University Women’s Soccer team, who defeated North Carolina 1-0 last weekend.

For those of you who don’t follow women’s college soccer, the North Carolina Tar Heels are the soccer equivalent of John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins - back to back. In the previous 22 years of the NCAA tournament; the Tar Heels have won 17 championships, have an overall record of 81-5, and have played the final weekend of every year. Every year except this one, because the Broncos knocked off the undefeated #1 Tar Heels in the round of 16.

I began following the Broncos in the mid-90’s, courtesy of my friend and colleague Mike Wooding. At the time, the Broncos were one of the best and most entertaining teams in college women’s soccer. Unfortunately, the Tar Heels were their post season nemesis - eliminating the Broncos in 95, 96 and 97. So it was fitting that the Broncos defeated the Tar Heels to win their first championship in 2001.

Congratulations to the Broncos and good luck in the quarter-finals.