Standalone Comment and Trackback Update

This release of my comment and trackback package allows you to reject comments and trackbacks that contain an excessive number of links. It also corrects an error in the regular expression used to extract the host name from links.

I suspect this will be the last version using the Perl Storable module. My recent experience with comment bludgeoning has demonstrated the limitations of the current adminstrative interface. And I think that I’m going to need better query capability to remove those limitations.


  • Composite Trackback RSS feed
  • Composite Comment RSS feed
  • HTML Sanitization from Brad Choate’s Sanitize Plugin for Moveable Type.
  • Tag Moderation for Trackback and Comments – trackback pings and comments are immediately available with most html tags removed (p allowed for readability). Sanitized tags are displayed upon approval.
  • Outbound Link Blacklist – trackback pings and comments that contain outbound links to banned sites are blocked. The user is responsible for providing a function identifying banned sites.
  • Rejection of trackback pings and comments that contain an excessive number of links.
  • Trackback and Comment deletion (unfortunately, this does not propagate to the RSS feed)
  • Comment Editing


  • Web Server capable of running cgi scripts
  • Perl with the following Perl Modules:
    • File::Spec
    • Storable
    • CGI
    • CGI::Cookie I believe that these are core modules as of Perl 5.6.0.

Download standalone trackback and comments.

18 Mar: Downloading Comments and Trackback Pings