We Wuz Robbed

The BCS results are in. And the latest members of the We Wuz Robbed Crew are Auburn (relegated to the Consolation Bowl) and Cal (playing in the Missing $10 Million Bowl).

The BCS did its job: the AP, ESPN, and computers agree that USC and Oklahoma are the top 2 teams. And they’ll meet to determine this year’s champion on the field. If Auburn has a complaint, then let them look towards the AP or USA Today. If they had agreed to defer their initial polls until October, then Auburn might have been able to catch Oklahoma. Instead Auburn started at #17 and never got a whiff of #2.

A Cal-Michigan Rose Bowl would have been nice. But Cal had their shot at USC and came up short. That loss cost them control over their bowl destiny. Of course Texas came up short in their own match against Oklahoma. If Texas coach Mack Brown’s shameless pandering to the voters was responsible for Texas passing Cal while Cal was winning games and Texas was idle, then all I can say is that what goes around, comes around.