Just Desserts at Notre Dame

Jim Fassel to stay in the NFL and Notre Dame to twist in the wind. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving set of people.

I was disappointed to hear of Ty Willingham’s firing. He may not have performed to Notre Dame’s standards on the field. But he ran an impeccable program. Notre Dame was going to a bowl. And if you followed Willingham’s progress at Stanford (he started with Bill Walsh’s recruits), then his record at Notre Dame is no surprise.

I assumed that Notre Dame had a back channel deal with Urban Meyer when they fired Willingham. With the current wonder boy of college football at the helm, the negatives of the Willingham firing would just slide off. But with Meyer choosing Florida and everyone else running for cover, Notre Dame is in the middle of public relations disaster. A disaster of their own making.

College football has changed since Notre Dame’s last championship. It’s time for Notre Dame to realize that.