Solution is Useful and Repeatable

A salable solution is both useful and repeatable. Personal weblogs qualify on both counts. A weblog is a great way to establish a personal presence on the internet and expound your viewpoints. And the road map exists for repeatable weblog success:

  1. Define the coverage of your weblog and identify the information sources that you would like to engage by reviewing these questions every 2 or 3 months:
    1. What are you interested in?
    2. What information sources do you follow in keeping up with your interests?
    3. What are you willing to write about?
  2. Identify potential topics for the day’s blogging by reviewing these questions everyday:
    1. What new events are your sources discussing in your coverage area?
    2. What have you personally learned or experienced during the past few weeks in your coverage area?
    3. Can you add anything new concerning those recent events or personal experiences?
  3. Write. Write early, write often.

Of course, a lot depends upon your definition of success. I consider your weblog successful when it acts as a catalyst to focus your thinking.

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