NHLPA Throws Down

Wow, the NHLPA proposes a 24% salary rollback and a luxury tax in an attempt to break the current impass. I have to say that I started this brouhaha on the side of the owners. I was convinced that the owners were losing money and I knew drastic measures were required to save the NHL. But with this offer, the onus is on the owners.

The NHLPA has compromised by proposing a luxury tax, now it’s time for the owners to compromise on cost certainty. I have two problems with their current stance. First, it’s a very fine line between cost certainty and guaranteed profit. And I’m not guaranteeing any profit until they guarantee winning seasons. Second, I didn’t need to see the books to believe that the owners had lost money. But if they’re going to be hardnosed on cost certainty, then they’re going to need to show us the books - each and every year.

The NHLPA has a proposal that rescues the owners from past mistakes (24% rollback) and adds a strong incentive to avoid future mistakes (luxury tax). It may not be perfect, but it’s a big step in the right direction. The owners need to take a big step in the right direction as well.