Mastermind Watch: Week 14

What the heck was that? I pick a home game against the lowly 2-10 Miami Dolphins as an opportunity to skip a visit to my local sports bar (the East Side Cafe in Norwalk, CT). And the Broncos respond with a stinker, eeking out a 20-13 win on a 50 yard field goal with 2:50 remaining in regulation.

The MasterMind needs to start correcting some disturbing trends. The Broncos are in the midst of yet another late season slump. The Mile High home field advantage has disappeared at the new Invesco field - the Broncos are only 22-9 at Invesco field, 7 losses came with Denver ahead or tied in the 4th quarter. And Jake Plummer continues to display a lack of composure when the game is tight.

I’m beginning to question the Portis-Bailey trade. We have replaced Portis’ yards, but we haven’t replaced his sure hands, toughness and nose for the end zone. And with the new emphasis on letting receivers run free, I’m unsure whether it is wise to invest so much salary cap in a defensive back. But I still give Shanahan the benefit of the doubt on the trade.

Shanahan is the best head coach that the Broncos have ever had. But he still needs to show me something as a GM. His next big decision comes this off-season with Plummer due a $6 million bonus if he stays with the team. I don’t know what the right call is. But the MasterMind had better if he expects to keep his name.